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June 12th

Most Recent[edit]

June 12th[edit]

00:00am UTC-8 ~ 06:00am UTC-8

  • Events:
  1. Prairal's Allure will end on June 11th 23:59 UTC-8. All Exchange Tickets will be converted into tokens at a 1:1 ratio.
  2. Trimagic Square will end on June 11th 23:59 UTC-8.
  3. Key Card (Bingo) Event Victorious Counterattack will commence. Event Period: June 12th post maintenance until July 2nd 23:59 UTC-8.
  4. Great Success Rate-Up for logistics from June 25th 00:00 - July 2nd 23:59 UTC-8.
  5. Time-limited Re-Supply event Lily-White Vows will commence. Event Period: June 16th after maintenance - July 2nd 23:59 UTC-8. It features three furniture sets and five costumes: Museum Trip (5 Star), Holiday Promenade (4 Star), Coffee Shop (3 Star), Lee-Enfield's Lifelong Protector (Live2D), P7's Pinky Swear, FAL's The Big Day, Tokarev's A Couple's Journey, and PPSh-41's Moment of Vows.
  • Features:
  1. The Radiant Collection function will be available after maintenance on June 12th. It will permanently feature costumes and furniture sets from prior Re-Supply events, currently just Heart to Heart. There is a 40% discount when rolling in the Radiant Collection but you do not receive exchange tickets.
  2. The Black Card system will be available after maintenance on June 12th. It allows commanders to give duplicate costumes to T-Dolls and receive black cards in exchange which can be redeemed for specific costumes of that commanders choice from prior Re-Supply events. Currently redeemable costumes are Welrod MkII's English in Love, PTRD's Romantic Mission, UMP9's "Am I Late?", UMP45's "Just This Time."
  • Shop Updates
  1. PK's By Your Side costume package will be available from Kalina's Shop for a limited time. It includes PK's By Your Side costume, an Oath Certificate and Icon procurementcoin.png*50. Price: 1888 Gems (1-purchase only). Period: June 16th 00:00 - July 2nd 23:59 UTC-8.

Maintenance Reward: Icon manpower.png*500, Icon ammo.png*500, Icon ration.png*500, Icon parts.png*500