Hayha Memory Chip

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Hayha Memory Chip
Hayha Memory Chip is an obtainable equipment in the game.


Usable only by RF Mosin-Nagant.


A memory chip that allows the White Death to once more descend upon the battlefield. Can only be equipped by Mosin-Nagant.
Minimum level required: 80

Game Data[edit]

Icon slot Doll.png
Icon HG 2star.png
Icon SMG 2star.png
Icon AR 2star.png
Icon MG 2star.png
Icon RF 2star.png
Icon SG 2star.png
Damage +18~25
Evasion +2~4
Critical hit damage (%) +15~20
Craft Time

Enhancement values
Stat +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Damage +18~25 +18~25(1.02x) +18~26(1.04x) +19~26(1.06x) +19~27(1.08x) +19~27(1.1x) +20~27(1.12x) +20~28(1.14x) +20~28(1.16x) +21~29(1.18x) +21~30(1.2x)
Evasion +2~4 +2~4(1.04x) +2~4(1.08x) +2~4(1.12x) +2~4(1.16x) +2~4(1.2x) +2~4(1.24x) +2~5(1.28x) +2~5(1.32x) +2~5(1.36x) +2~5(1.4x)
Critical hit damage (%) +15~20 +15~21(1.05x) +16~22(1.1x) +17~23(1.15x) +18~24(1.2x) +18~25(1.25x) +19~26(1.3x) +20~27(1.35x) +21~28(1.4x) +21~29(1.45x) +22~30(1.5x)


  • Obtainable through 5-4 Night mode.
  • The equipment's name and description are a reference to the Finnish sniper Simo Häyhä . Nicknamed the White Death, he has killed over 500 Russians during the Winter War using a Finnish variant of the Mosin Nagant (the M/28-30 rifle) and a Suomi submachine gun.
    • The number of confirmed kills seems to differ from source to source. Western sources claim he killed 505 Russians, while Antti Rantama (Häyhä's unit military chaplain) claims it was only 259. And Häyhä's own diaries claim it's over 500.
  • Hayha Memory Chip design was based on AMD Radeon R9 Nano due its similarities, alongside with Titan Fire Control Chip.


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